- "Building common tourist products around Cittaslow cities in Warmia and Mazury”
Mr. Marcin Galibarczyk Director of Tourism and Sport Department from Warmia Mazury Region (Cittaslow Supporter Member). Olsztyn Cittaslow

- Festival del Viaggiatore, a festival which lives the places, refined and welcoming
dr. Cananzi Emanuela, Festival del Viaggiatore, Asolo Cittaslow

- Traces of the First World War in Asolo: our history, that binds us to events that have involved the whole world, are now hiding in the woods of our hills.
dr. Chiara Carinato, Culture Office, Asolo Cittaslow

- Slow-Tourism-Ideas
Ms Ute Bauschert, Head of Tourism Bad Wimpfen, Bad Wimpfen Cittaslow

- Live in Yaxi Cittaslow, experience slow life, Main content: The government has upgraded the surrounding environment of Shiqiangwei Village in Yaxi Cittaslow, carried out service skills training, and guided villagers to renovate and upgrade homestays.
Mrs. Li Kailing (Kelly), Secretary of China Cittaslow Coordinating Commitee

- Cittaslow Turism Project
Yuki d'Emilia, Councillor of Belluno Cittaslow

- "Outdoor bike"
Filippo Pighetti, infopoint chiavenna cittaslow